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Healthy hot chocolate in a sluggish Cooker as well as diy Toppings Bar

Delicious, simple & healthy hot chocolate in a sluggish Cooker as well as diy Toppings Bar

This hot chocolate for a group recipe is soooo simple as well as budget plan friendly – it’s almost a Christmas Miracle! 
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To get started all you requirement is genuine milk, chocolate as well as a sluggish cooker. From there you can develop a hot chocolate Toppings Bar if you’re making this for a party. 

Creating a hot chocolate Bar for a celebration is a fun as well as low-cost dessert bar – excellent for a huge group as well as a tasty method to get necessary vitamins as well as minerals from California dairy! as well as making the hot cocoa in a sluggish cooker keeps it warm, simple to serve as well as simple to make.

First, I’ll share a tasty hot chocolate Recipe. You can elegant it up with a few extras for a range of flavors.

Then, there’s a listing of tips for making your own hot chocolate Bar.

Making hot chocolate for a group is super simple as well as low cost. For the base you only requirement 2 ingredients!

And this recipe is healthier than most since we utilize California whole milk, which is packed with nutrition, as well as makes it additional creamy. Plus, it’s full of top notch protein, calcium as well as vitamin D – which are necessary nutrients for youngsters as well as adults.

(Bonus – This article from us news shares 5 reasons to begin eating full Fat Dairy)

Hot chocolate recipe for a Group


8 cups genuine California whole milk

2 cups chocolate chips (use less for a lighter cocoa)


Pour milk into sluggish cooker. add chocolate chips as well as turn it on ‘High’.

Stir every 5 minutes up until the chocolate chips are melted as well as it’s hot.

It should take about 20 to 30 minutes – so make sure to put this together about that long before the celebration starts.

Then, lower the temperature to warm or low – depending upon exactly how hot you want it.

Serve it up together with California whipped cream, for added dairy-goodness, as well as a range of toppings.

Try a variation of the original with a holiday twist:

Mexican hot Cocoa – Milk, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, cinnamon 

Peppermint hot Cocoa – Milk, chocolate chips, peppermint extract

Vanilla hot Cocoa – Milk, vanilla chips, vanilla extract 

Salted Caramel hot Cocoa – Milk, chocolate chips, caramel extract, sea salt

How to Make a hot chocolate Bar:

Get the components for the hot chocolate as well as make sure you have a big sluggish cooker.

Plan your hot chocolate Bar taking into consideration… Space, number of People, Allergies, Budget, taste Preferences, etc. 

Prepare an area for the bar where you can have the sluggish cooker plugged in as well as a area for the toppings.

Get toppings & any type of serving tools you need.

Set up the bar & label your toppings as well as directions if necessary.

The excellent thing about a diy hot chocolate Bar is your guests can make their own to their taste preferences. It’s as much as you exactly how wild you want to get with the toppings.

And the base of your mug will be whole California milk, so the toppings add a bit of indulgence – however there’s not a great deal of space to stack them on so it’s immediate part control.

Here’s a listing of hot chocolate Bar Topping concepts to assist influence you. At the top is the traditional as well as must have – California Whipped Cream.

Whether you make fresh whipped cream or a can – look for the genuine California Milk seal when buying for your ingredients. as well as keep the whipped cream on the table in a bowl of ice to keep it cool.

Hot chocolate Bar Topping Ideas:

California Whipped cream (Keep the whipped cream on the table in a bowl of ice to keep it cool)




Cereal – (Healthy to indulgent choices)


Pretzel Sticks

Suklaa hiput

Caramel Sauce



Cinnamon (or other holiday spices)


Do you have a fun topping concept to add?

Kerro minulle!

Remember to look for the genuine California Milk seal the next time you’re grocery buying as well as utilize the product locator to discover genuine California Milk products near you here.

The seal means it’s been made with 100% genuine California Milk from dairy farm families.

This publish is sponsored by genuine California Milk. For more info you can checked out our disclosure policy here.

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