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Morning Boot Camp training

despite staying up late last night consuming reckless quantities of fro-yo I woke up before 5am for an early morning boot camp training. (More on this later!)

I stayed up way too late last night so on the way home I had a argument in my head =  coffee vs. a nap
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I hope this issue gets covered in our next presidential election.

Yes, I’m asleep here…

Who is that doggy kitty in the window?

When I lived at my mom’s vegas was an indoor/outdoor cat. We have a big yard and he was able to go in and out as he pleased. because he got in that fight I try to keep him in 90% of the time. So now he sits in the window and stares out. It’s like a creepy statue.

Flapjack Friday! I had pumpkin pancakes with PB and chia seeds for breakfast.

Crunchy PB and chia seeds – loved the texture combos going on here.

And a glass of the thickest Orange Juice of my life! I practically had to chew it.

The pile on the Miles participants have walked or ran over 5,000 miles so far!!!

CRAZY, right?! keep it up – we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving!!!

Pile on the Miles Week 3 winner gets a copy of mama Pea’s Book  – Peas and thank You

The winner is: Mackenzie Hunter    http://wealthshealth.blogspot.com/

Congrats and send me your info!!!

Next week is the grand finale. There will be 3 prizes and 3 winners – an Odwalla prize pack, love grown Granola and a Fila Toning Outfit!!!

Question: Coffee or a Nap? What side are you on?

I vote for taking a nap, then drinking some coffee.

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Jakaminen on välittämistä!







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