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New Year’s Resolutions–Half method inspect In

Hello! exactly how are you doing?

I started my day with a sluggish 10 miler. It’s getting hot in right here available – I gotta begin setting my alarm earlier.
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Today is July 1st! You understand what that means, right? Fireworks in 3 days. #Puomi

It likewise indicates 2014 is half method over as well as my new Year’s Resolutions must be half method accomplished – or a lot more really, I like to take December off from life.

So I’m inspecting in right here with new life plans as well as resolutions check-ins as well as random thoughts.

New Year’s Resolutions inspect In:

1. Run 14 races. So far I’ve done

Camarillo Marathon

Surf City Marathon

Palm Springs half Marathon

Buzz half Marathon

LA Marathon

Catalina Marathon

Avocado half Marathon

PCRF half Marathon

OC Marathon

Mountains to beach Marathon

San Diego RnR Marathon

Ha! I’m quite close!! I didn’t even recognize as well as this made me excited.

Check out my Race Recaps page for all of them!

2. pr in the Marathon. I pulled out my marathon pr training plan that I composed last year (but never did) as well as am starting tomorrow! I have the Chicago Marathon coming up in October, however will most likely pick a Nov or Dec race to choose a pr just since I believe I requirement a method race to discuss pacing (something I’m not the very best at).

3. lose the last 10 pounds. Yes, I had a get up phone call this weekend as well as made a decision to clean up my eating. I composed down my 3 worst routines as well as am going to work on those to assist make it a long term fix.

Related – I did that ALCAT Food Sensitivity test a while back as well as am going to get rid of the foods I have an intolerance to from my diet plan for a while.

4. gown better. thanks to StitchFix as well as Pinterest I have been working on this! I’m truly just aiming to not be a slob-ra-doodle, still Monican however a bit better. Ya know?

5. Make a 5 year plan. – Haven’t done this yet!

6. Love. – working on this every day.

7. truly step up my Spanish game. This is a compose in vote. I voted on it myself since I have always wished to be completely conversational in Spanish.

Question: exactly how are you doing on your 2014 goals?

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