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I was inspired by Tina to come up with my own “Lose the Dough” plan. Tina is trying to lose the dough for her big 3-0. since I don’t have a milestone birthday this year (but love the name) I am going to lose the Dough for the big 1-0 (as in 2010)! Her plan and goals are similar to mine, but I really believe every body is different and you must write your own diet book (or blog in this case).

My Goals:
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1. lose 20 pounds

2. get faster

3. firm up

4. love my body and feel confident in a bathing suit

Diet Plan:

–          only eat when body is hungry (still practicing IE)

–          No eating after dinner

–          stop random snacking

–          eat less sugar

–          drink 5 bottles of water a day

–          Be accountable – write down everything I eat for 2 weeks

Exercise Plan:

Sunday – Abs, Arms,  elliptical

Monday – speed work, Abs

Tuesday – Abs and Arms,  Cycle class

Wednesday – tempo Run

Thursday – fun run,  maybe a class

Friday –  Kickboxing

Saturday – long Run

Balance Plan:

–          get at least 7 hours of sleep

–          research PT certification

–          organize work and personal life

lose the Dough progress Report:

Jan. 19, 2010 Weight: ummm…no comment for now. but I did document it in my notebook

Feb. 19th:

March 19th:

April 19th:

May 19th:

Lose the Dough will run from today through may 19th where I will reassess my progress, goals and life situation.*Note: I am still practicing I.E., but am aiming to be more accountable.


Okay now onto my life…

I joined a gym last night and was on a mission to hit up a Cycling class this morning. The problem was I didn’t make time for breakfast and the class was at 9:30am (meaning I wouldn’t get home to eat breakfast until close to 11am). So, before I went I had a few handfuls of blubes and hoped for the best!

The class was fun! I actually love taking classes at the gym, it’s all the other stuff that intimidates me. and I would rather do a boot camp workout outside than be inside all the time. I’m actually considering becoming an instructor since I have had a love affair with classes since last year when I was training for my first mary and only ran 4 days a week. Hmmmm…

When I got back I threw cottage cheese, chia seeds, blubes, 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a banana in a bowl for breakfast.

I also had a piece of toast with PB. I am loving this new bread I bought from TJ’s. It is so chewy.

I was still hungry after this and went back for the rest of the apple and naner…

I’m thinking lunch will be these spring rolls since they’re about to expire…

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