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Pile On the Miles Week One Winners

This morning Dole reps organized an simple yoga class in the four Season’s art gallery for the bloggers. I’ve been stating I want to get back to yoga when a week for months! I’m hoping this will begin my momentum back as much as keep going!

Even though yoga in an art studio is foreign to me, the peaceful setting was extremely tranquil as well as appropriate.
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Pysyvä ABS -harjoitus, jonka voit tehdä kotona. No devices core exercises you can do standing up before or after a run. quick tutorial on 5 workout moves for a strong core as well as to difficulty your balance.

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Then, we had breakfast, my preferred part of the day! even though my tummy still feels a bit strange I’m hungry like always. 

After breakfast we had a short session on weight loss as well as tension management. It was fantastic to be able to talk about concepts with fellow blog writers as well as Dole reps. We likewise touched on a few quirky gadgets for weight loss as well as if/how they really work. (We’re inspecting out a muscle mass stimulator here.)

Before I had to inspect out I wished to inspect out the hotel’s gym. I had heard fantastic things about it from a co-worker who stayed right here recently. They have complementary physical fitness classes, gatorade as well as all the machines are good as well as new!

I bribed Tina to find with me with a piece of chocolate covered toffee. It’s great fuel for the treadmill…

We showed each other our signature fitness center moves. My relocation includes huge balls…

Hers is a special jumping jack developed to keep your hands warm.

Sadly, I had to inspect out as well as drive back home. Westlake village is about 80 miles from my house, however my mom’s is best in the middle of that journey so I stopped there.

It’s rainy as well as chilly right here out of no where too! I assumption the weather condition is unfortunate I’m leaving the lap of luxury?

Once at my mom’s I heated last nights leftovers as well as patted myself on the back for taking them house

Bailey as well as Roxy joined me for lunch, it didn’t produce the most intelligent meal time conversation however I like them.

I made a quick stop before I got right here for a drink to choose lunch. Manager’s Specials are crazy today as well as I chosen up these Van’s Waffle Sticks.

Unfortunately, they aren’t extremely good. They’re not wonderful as well as still requirement syrup. I believed the whole point of chocolate waffles was to delight in the wonderful waffle sans the sticky stuff? It needed some toppings!

Pile on the Miles 2011

I am impressed at exactly how numerous people registered as well as put in miles this week! I cannot believe over 600 people joined! say thanks to you all so much for participating.

The prize for this week is a week supply of Stoneyfield yogurt!

We have three winners this week:

Emily Swanson    fitnessfreakforChrist.wordpress.com

Aditi Naik   

Autumn Heinz

POTM Questions:

1. Do the miles that we run on Fridays after 8 am count? because the spreadsheet has to be updated by 8am, they wouldn’t count for that day. however the next day starts on Saturday.

So, would the miles that I run this morning not count anywhere?

A. any type of mileage that occurs after the Friday 8am deadline counts for the complying with week.

2. Can I count the miles I walk with out the day? I wear a pedometer as well as accumulate it as I go?

A: Yes! This is all about motivating us to relocation so opt for it!

3. The spreadsheet was locked?!

A. I am “un-sharing” the spreadsheet around 8am PST to draw the names. As soon as I’m done I will share it with everybody again. Today I was a bit late on doing this since of travel.

Next week 3 people will win a $10.00 train gift card!

Remember to walk or run 5 miles by Nov 11th as well as update the spreadsheet by 8am PST! You can inspect out the rest of the prizes as well as info on the stack on the Miles post.

Question: If you might have lunch with any type of blog writer who would it be?

I would be Pioneer women so I might eat her food….

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