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Carb packing in Las vegas

Sorry RER was MIA earlier, I assumption when I’m in vegas my blog believes it can get drunk too!

This morning I headed to the hotel fitness center for a stamina session, however got a text from Meghann as soon as I got there to satisfy for brunch. offered to the woman with the food! I turned around as well as went to get ready.
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We went to a adorable bit café at the signature in the MGM. The signature area of the hotel is super nice!

I got a veggie omelet with toast.

On the method to brunch visitor Samantha spotted me as well as introduced herself. If you ever see me dead on the side of the road please stop as well as state Hi so Ben believes I may really have a buddy !

My breakfast friends were Anne, Meghann as well as Stephanie

We aren’t models, we are runners so it takes a long time to get a great shot…

Stephanie’s blog is called run for fun as well as she provided me this incredible head band!!!

I like it since tonight’s run truly is for fun as well as I requirement to remind myself to enjoy it (instead of spend all the time dreading it!).

After breakfast I headed to Ross for a long sleeve shirt. I did not plan for Las vegas to be so chilly as well as I didn’t bring anything warm to run in! It’s supposed to be in the 40s at the begin as well as will only get chillier as we go.

I discovered something that I hope will work as well as headed back to our hotel.

On the method there I made a extremely necessary carb packing stop for a salty pretzel!

Salty carbs is my pre-race meal of choice.

I likewise chosen up a salad that took 45 minutes to get!!! It was kinda ridic. I wasn’t sure what else to eat so I got a salad to fill me up. ideally it won’t upset my stomach.

I likewise stole a few of Ben’s Chinese food.

All I understand is…

Okay, I have to get prepared for the half marathon! I don’t believe I’ve ever run in the afternoon, so this will be interesting. My tummy has been weird all weekend (actually it’s been weird since I got ill post-Panama on as well as off!). I’m hoping carb packing as well as ton of water will be sufficient to get me to the finish!!!

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